Reporting changes – Abroad and receiving an invalidity benefit

This form can be used to report changes in your personal, work, or income situation to us when you reside outside of the Netherlands. You must always do so within one week from the time the change has or could have become known to you.

In order to complete this form, you must log in using your DigiD (Digital personal identification) or another recognised European log-in tool.

Reporting changes - abroad and receiving an invalidity benefit

If you prefer to submit the form by regular mail, please download and print the form via the above link.

Things to keep at hand when completing the form:

  • Your citizen service number.
  • In case of a change in work and income: a copy of your employment agreement and of a wage slip.
  • In case you receive a foreign benefit or this benefit changes: a copy of the benefit slip.
  • If you receive an allowance and your partner's income changes:
    • your partner's citizen service number
    • your partner's date of birth
    • your partner's wage slip

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