Make sure you are prepared:

  • Apply for a DigiD account if you do not have one. To apply for a DigiD account, please go to If you live in Europe, you can also log in using an electronic ID that is valid in the EU.
  • If your first day of unemployment is more than a week away, please register for our e-mailservice (in Dutch). We will then send you an email when it is time for you to apply for an unemployment benefit.
  • Try to look for a new job as soon as possible. Post your CV on (in Dutch) and register with job sites and employment agencies.

The earliest you should apply for an unemployment benefit is 1 week before the first day of unemployment. Make sure you apply no later than 1 week after the first day of unemployment.

Monitor your application

  • We will send you a letter 4 weeks after you have applied for your unemployment benefit. This letter will tell you if you qualify for a benefit, how much money you will receive and for how long you will receive the benefit.
  • You can monitor your application via Mijn UWV.

Please note: You might have worked in both the Netherlands and another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. If this is the case and you are applying for an unemployment benefit, you might need a PD U1 form (in Dutch).

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