• You do your best to find a new job as soon as possible by actively sending job applications and accepting suitable work.
  • Every 4 weeks you inform us of at least 4 job applications through your work folder ("Werkmap") on werk.nl.
  • Each month you fill in the Income Statement ("Inkomstenopgave").
  • You will provide us with correct information about yourself and your circumstances. Any changes are reported to us within one week.
  • You carry out the tasks in your work folder ("Werkmap").
  • You go to appointments at the UWV office.
  • You may bring someone with you to any appointments at UWV.
  • You are entitled to a maximum of 20 days leave per calendar year. On these days, your benefit will continue to be paid and you are not subject to the obligation to apply for jobs.

Please note: If you do not fulfil your obligations, your benefit will be temporarily cut down or ended and/or you will be fined.

At the start end of each month, you will find the "Inkomstenopgave" form of the previous month on "Mijn UWV". You use this form to let us know if you have received any income. Please also fill in this form if you have not received any income. We will pay your benefit within 10 calendar days of receiving your Income Statement.

You can search for job vacancies and post your cv on werk.nl. This site also offers tips and online training sessions to help you find work.

It pays to go back to work from a situation of unemployment. If the earnings of your new job are equal to or lower than 87.5% of your monthly unemployment benefit, your income will be supplemented by a partial unemployment benefit. So, in most cases, you will benefit financially. You can use our calculation tool to calculate the new amount of your unemployment benefit.

If you receive an unemployment benefit, you may also search for work abroad. You may only do so under certain conditions and with permission from UWV. More information about this can be found at Internationaal on uwv.nl.

More detailed information can be found under the Werkloos (WW-uitkering) header on uwv.nl. Please contact us if you have any questions. Please keep your citizen service number (BSN) ready, as this will help us to serve you better.

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