Please note: It is important that you fulfil these obligations to avoid receiving a lower benefit, losing your benefit or receiving a fine.

  • You have the right to bring someone along with you to your appointments with us.
  • You may go on holiday if it does not interfere with your recovery. If you plan to leave the Netherlands, please let us know at least 2 weeks before by using the Change of circumstances form if you are receiving a sickness benefit or an UWV top-up benefit (‘Wijzigingen doorgeven als u een Ziektewet-uitkering of toeslag van UWV heeft’).
  • You might be given permission to temporarily reside outside the Netherlands if it does not interfere with your recovery.

We will set up a meeting for you with an UWV physician (‘verzekeringsarts’) or an UWV occupational health nurse (‘sociaal medisch verpleegkundige’). They will assess your situation to see what you currently can and cannot do. Together we will draw up an action plan to get you back to work as soon as possible.

We will look at your situation to help us decide whether a sickness benefit evaluation (‘Ziektewet-beoordeling’) is necessary. If it is, you will be invited to meet with an UWV physician (‘verzekeringsarts’) and possibly an occupational disability employment counsellor (‘arbeidsdeskundige’).

Your sickness benefit ends once you have been ill for 2 years (104 weeks). If you are still ill after this time, you can apply for a WIA benefit. After 88 weeks of illness, UWV will send you a letter informing you about this.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Keep your citizen service number (‘BSN’) close to hand so that we can help you quickly and efficiently.

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