You will receive a letter from us about the WIA benefit once you have been ill for 88 weeks. You will be able to apply for this benefit from the moment you receive this letter. Make sure you apply no later than the 93rd week of your illness at the latest.

To apply for a WIA benefit, complete the WIA application form and send it to us. You will need a DigiD account to do this.

If you have an employer and are applying for a WIA benefit, you will need to submit the following documents along with your online application form:

  • your medical information from your occupational health physician
  • your return-to-work report (a set of documents about your return-to-work process that have been drawn up by your employer or your occupational health and safety service)

Your employer can send the return-to-work report to us online. If you send us the report, you must do this by post.

Please note: You are the only one who can send us your medical information. Please send it to us by post to the following address:

P.O. Box 69254
1060 CH Amsterdam

We will confirm that we have received your application within 2 weeks of you sending it. If you have an employer, we will also assess your return-to-work report. If we feel you or your employer have not done enough to support your return to work, we will contact you.

What happens next?
After about 4-6 weeks, you will be invited for an appointment with an UWV physician. The UWV physician will conduct a medical assessment to see how your illness is affecting your ability to work. If the UWV physician thinks you are capable of working more hours , you will be invited for a meeting with an occupational disability employment counsellor.

After about 8 weeks, you will receive our decision about your application.

There are two types of WIA benefits:

WGA benefit: You will qualify for this benefit if you are still able to work (either now or in the future) and will at most be able to earn 65% of your previous salary.

IVA benefit: You will qualify for this benefit if it is very unlikely that you will be able to work now or in the future and will at most be able to earn 20% of your previous salary.

Please note: We are receiving a lot of WIA applications at the moment. This means we might not be able to issue a decision within 8 weeks.

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