Prepare your application

  • Apply for a DigiD if you do not have a DigiD yet. You can do so on
  • If you have an employer: please collect the documents that you have drawn up together with your employer or the occupational health and safety service. This set of documents will form your rehabilitation report:
    • the problem analysis or analyses of the company doctor;
    • the Action Plan;
    • the First-Year Evaluation and the Final Evaluation.

Apply for an invalidity benefit

  • Submit your online application for an invalidity benefit.
  • If you have an employer: please send all the documents of your rehabilitation report to:

    P.O. Box 69254
    1060 CH Amsterdam

Assessment of your application

  • You will have an interview with a UWV medical adviser.
  • If the medical adviser thinks that you are still (partially) able to work, you will also have an interview with the vocational rehabilitation advisor.

Decision on your application

  • You will receive a letter informing you of our decision. This letter tells you whether you are entitled to an invalidity benefit.
  • If you are entitled to an invalidity benefit, the letter will also tell you the amount of your benefit and the type of benefit that you will receive:
    • WGA benefit: if you are still able to work (in the future) and can earn a maximum of 65% of your former wages.
    • IVA benefit: if it is very likely that you will be able to work now and in the future.
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