To apply, log onto Mijn UWV. You will need a DigiD account to do this. Once you have logged on, access the form by going to ‘Aanvragen’ (‘Applications’) and then ‘’Zwangerschapsuitkering’ (‘Maternity pay).

If you are a private carer (‘alfahulp’) or are providing home help and are working less than 4 days a week, you will need to call us to apply for maternity pay.

  • your citizen service number
  • your income as specified on your income tax return
  • your working hours and whether you will be hiring a maternity leave replacement
  • your expected due date
  • your income protection coverage information

We might also need other documents from you and therefore recommend you do the following:

  • Save documents, such as contracts, that prove you worked for clients as a self-employed person. Keep these documents for up to 2 years after receiving maternity pay.
  • Get a maternity certificate (‘zwangerschapsverklaring’) from your doctor or midwife. Keep this certificate for at least 1 year after your maternity leave has ended, as we may ask for it at a later date.

We recommend applying for maternity pay 4 weeks before your maternity leave starts. Make sure you do this no later than 2 weeks before.

Do not apply for maternity pay any later than 1 year after your benefit was due to start. Otherwise, you will miss out on that part of your benefit that falls within the period that was more than a year ago.

Example: You applied for a ZEZ benefit on 1 September 2022 for the period covering 1 July to 21 October 2021. In this case, you would only receive a benefit for the period from 1 September to 21 October 2021.

You will usually receive a decision about your application within 2 weeks of you sending us the form. We will make sure you receive our decision no later than 8 weeks after your maternity leave starts.

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