Wajong monitor: first report

Publicatiedatum: 01 nov 2011

The new Wajong (Invalidity Insurance (Young Disabled Persons) Act) was introduced in 2010. This report briefly describes the most important changes to this new act. Furthermore, this report characterises the transition from the old to the new Wajong. The report describes the inflow during the first six months of the new act. This is compared to the inflow trends of the preceding two years. Furthermore, the participation and reintegration trends under the old Wajong are analysed. In view of the short period between the introduction of the new act and the apparition of the monitor, we are unable to say anything about the participation of Wajongers in the labour force under the new act, or about the influence of the new act on this aspect.

Download: Wajong Monitor: first report (pdf, 507 kB)

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