To arrange maternity pay for your employee, complete the Maternity pay application form (‘Aanvragen WAZO-uitkering’). You will need to log onto the employer portal with your EH3 level eHerkenning account to do this.

You will need your employee’s due date when completing the form. This information is included on your employee’s maternity certificate (‘zwangerschapsverklaring’). They can get this certificate from their doctor or midwife.

Ask your employee when they want their maternity leave to start. Your employee is free to choose any date as long as it is between 4 to 6 weeks before their due date. You should apply for maternity pay 2 to 4 weeks before your employee’s maternity leave starts.

Your employee will receive a decision about their maternity pay within the first 4 weeks of their maternity leave. You will be sent a copy of this decision.

All communication about maternity pay will be sent to your employee. If this information should be sent to you instead, your employee will have to authorise you as the official contact person.

Once you have been authorised, download the paper form (Aanvragen WAZO-uitkering) when applying for maternity pay. This is important because the authorisation needs to be included with the application and this cannot be done online.

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