UWV's clients

Our clientsbase consists of:

Job seekers

We want to help jobseekers to find work again as soon as possible. During the first 4 months of 2014, 92,700 persons entitled to unemployment benefit found work. We succeeded to place 4,100 labour incapacitated people in work: 2,400 Wajong benefit recipients, 200 clients receiving WAO-/WAZ benefit, 800 clients receiving WIA benefit and 700 clients receiving Sickness benefit.

People on benefit

If work is not possible or not immediately possible, we very quickly arrange a temporary income. Almost 1.4 million persons receive benefit from UWV. At the end of April 2014, this involved 443,300 unemployment benefits and 821,800 occupational disability benefits. The latter consisted of 55,300 IVA benefits, 139,500 WGA benefits, 364,500 WAO benefits, 242,600 Wajong benefits and 18,900 WAZ benefits. In addition, an average 40,100 persons were in receipt of Wazo benefit and an average 93,300 sick persons without an employer were on benefit under the Sickness Benefit Act.


We help employers to find personnel. UWV encourages and helps employers to keep their sick employees employed and to employ people with a distance to the labour market. For this, employers can apply for subsidies and provisions, among other things. If an employer and his sick employee do not see eye to eye in the reintegration process, they can ask UWV for an expert opinion.