Social Medical Affairs (SMZ)

The Social Medical Affairs (SMZ) division is the expertise centre and service provider for socio medical and work-related assessments and recommendations in the Netherlands. We use our expertise to assess our clients' labour capacity and ability to take on workload and give recommendations to promote recovery and reintegration. Municipalities can also make use of our expertise.

Work possibilities

In our assessments, we are led by the vision that having work contributes to our clients' well being. The key question that prefaces every assessment is: what are our client’s possibilities in terms of work? At 27 locations throughout the country we have teams that consist of insurance company medical advisers, labour experts and their administrative support. These teams commit themselves to assisting our clients promptly and properly.

Expert opinion

An employer and a sick employee can sometimes disagree on the labour (in)capacity of the employee, on the reintegration efforts of the employee or employer, or on suitable work for the employee within the company. In such cases, SMZ can provide an independent opinion, a so-called expert opinion, at the request of one of the two parties and for a fee.