Like proper service provision and prompt assistance, enforcement of rules and obligations is also in the interest of our clients. The Enforcement line department is responsible for UWV’s enforcement policy.

Correct information and clear agreements

The majority of clients intend to strictly adhere to the rules. In order to help them do so it is important to provide them with proper information, make clear agreements and hold them to these. If clients nonetheless do not follow the rules, we try to detect this at an early stage so that they are not unnecessarily confronted with the unpleasant consequences of a violation. We also systematically investigate why people break the rules. We use the findings of this investigation to prevent violation of the rules as much as possible.

In addition to these preventative measures, it is equally important to address clients who deliberately break the rules. These perpetrators can expect sanctions and must repay any benefits they have wrongly received


In order to convey to clients how seriously we take compliance with the rules, we check up on 50,000 clients by telephone each year and conduct 5,000 workplace checks. Inspectors from Enforcement make 15,000 home visits each year and undertake just under 10,000 targeted investigations. In addition, our employees carry out about 68,000 dossier investigations.