In its policy administration, the Data Services division compiles and manages data on wages, benefits and labour relations of all insured persons in the Netherlands. UWV needs these data in order to determine the height of benefits. But we also make these data available to third parties such as the tax and customs administrations, municipal social services, pension funds, the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) and Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Employers and employees consequently only need to supply their information once.

We also administer voluntary insurances and support the tax and customs administrations in determining differentiated contribution percentages for the Return to Work (Partially Disabled) Regulations (WGA).

Reduction of the administrative burden

Services contributes significantly to increasing the efficiency and reliability of data flows. After all, once data is processed, it can be used and re-used for various purposes. This makes processes simpler, faster and cheaper. This ultimately results in a lighter administrative burden and lower public implementation costs.

Efficient and reliable

Data Services manages a unique database. A basic condition is reliability: our clients must be about to rely on the fact that Data Services manages and supplies all data carefully and ethically. We are therefore working continuously to develop effective processes and improve information supply.

Client-oriented service

Those who receive data not only expect UWV Data Services to work accurately, they also want customised service. We therefore aim for data flows that connect seamlessly with the business processes of our clients. We have the data expertise required for this in house. We also immerse ourselves in the wishes and perceptions of our clients and even of our clients' clients.