Client and service

Client & Service (K&S) is responsible for all communication with our clients. K&S makes it possible for all clients to easily find their way within UWV.

Service provision as a logical whole

K&S ensures that it is always clear and easy to have insight into which steps a client has gone through, where he is in the process, and what the next steps are. Electronically where possible and personally where necessary. If an individual client is in danger of getting lost within UWV, Client & Services comes into action and plays a mediating role in finding a solution.

K&S ensures that our service provision is experienced as a logical whole by all clients. By making sure the client is always assisted promptly and properly and always informed of what is going on. No matter where, with regard to what or with whom he has contact at UWV. It shall not matter whether a client contacts UWV by telephone or internet: the answer should always be the same.

K&S compiles and analyses all available information about our clients, from telephone behaviour to client satisfaction. On the basis of these insights, K&S and the other divisions examine where and how we can provide our clients with better products and services.

K&S provides for:

  • good accessibility by internet, UWV Telephone and post;
  • clear and unequivocal information for clients via brochures, forms, letters/mailings and;
  • complaints handling;
  • client participation;
  • relationship management with employers.