Local rate – the costs of calling depend on your telephone service provider.

The rate depends on your telephone communications provider.

Please note: many of our employees can speak to you in English, but not all can. We therefore cannot guarantee that you will be able to have the conversation in English. You may of course always ask someone to listen in and help you with the conversation.

You cannot send us an email, as your data are not sufficiently well secured using a normal email service. You run the risk of your message being intercepted and your data being misused. Should you wish to send us a message, do so via "Mijn berichten".

You may at times receive a Zivver message from us. This is an email message protected using Zivver. This ensures that you receive confidential information in a secure manner that is illegible to others. Only you will be able to read the contents of the message. Should you receive a Zivver message from us, you can open it using the code we sent you. You can reply to a Zivver message. Always do so using the “Beantwoorden” button, as this ensures that your answer, too, is properly secured.

More information on this topic is available on Secure emailing with UWV through Zivver.

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