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UWV - Working on perspective
About UWV


The division Werkbedrijf, the Public Employment Service, is engaged in job placement and re-integration. Our aim is to help as many people as possible find work by bringing together supply and demand. We actively seek cooperation with labour market partners like municipalities, employers and temporary employment agencies. In doing so, Werkbedrijf focuses primarily on job seekers who are at a great distance from the labour market and employers who are willing to hire these job seekers.


Despite the major cutbacks to the re-integration budgets and the implementation budget, UWV continues to provide services to all job seekers. A number of things will change in the coming years however. One of the most important changes is the accelerated development of online service provision (e-services) to job seekers and employers via werk.nl. We are convinced that online service provision offers many advantages for our clients. It is also in keeping with our times, with a government that is taking a step back and putting more responsibility on citizens, businesses and other organisations. For clients who are not (yet) able to use e-service provision, we provide workshops and Tuesday walk-in hours at the Werkpleins, where they can get help in using the e-service provision.

Another important change is that UWV is concentrating its intensive service provision to job seekers and employers at 30 regional locations.

Service provision to job seekers

All job seekers can make use of our e-services via the website werk.nl. Registration and benefit applications take place digitally; clients create a CV and personal Work folder online. In the Work folder they can easily keep track of their job applications, and have access to thousands of vacancies and can communicate online with an employment adviser.

In addition to the e-services offered via werk.nl, UWV continues to offer more intensive face-to-face service to clients with an occupational disability, those who are long-term unemployed and those who do not have sufficient digital skills. They can get assistance and explanation from our employment advisers and labour experts at the Werkpleinen. For all clients who apply for a benefit, we monitor compliance with the rules from the day of registration until the end of the benefit.

Service provision to employers

We provide employers support in finding qualified personnel. Together with municipalities, UWV is building a single public point of address for employers. Here employers can find a single desk for information, advice and specialist expertise. The personal service provision at the employer service points is focused on employers who have difficult-to-fill vacancies and/or are willing to create jobs in the region for people who are at a distance from the labour market. The employer service points also provide support to prevent unemployment in crisis situations.
We also offer the possibility of setting up an industry service point at one of the 30 regional Werkpleinen. For example, there are Service points for Technology, Care and Welfare, Defence and Professional Sport. We also give employers opportunities to find personnel outside of the Netherlands via EURES, the European network of employment mediators. Employers who want to hire workers from outside Europe (or from the new European member states) to work in the Netherlands must apply for a work permit via us.

Employment-law support

Employers, employees and job seekers can turn to the employment lawyers at UWV for employment-law information and advice. These lawyers also test dismissal permit applications from employers against the legal regulations.

Labour market information

The more transparent the labour market, the easier it is for employers and employees to find each other. We investigate trends and developments on the labour market. We compile data on job seekers and employers per profession, sector and region. This makes it possible for us to offer insight into the dynamics and functioning of the labour market on a monthly basis. Each year UWV publishes national and regional labour market forecasts. These contain the outlook for demand and supply, employment and the job market. Our labour market information makes it possible to develop a national, regional and sector labour market policy, to encourage mobility across the borders of municipalities, sectors and regions and to use education in a way that is focused on the labour market. In this last effort we work together with educational institutions, the private-sector vocational training knowledge centres and SBB (Stichting Samenwerking Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven) - formerly Colo (the association of the eighteen private-sector vocational training knowledge centres).